Claus Cornett

Claus Cornett


Aktuel forskning

Metabonomics studier i relation til lægemiddelmetabolisme. Farmaceutisk spektroskopi.

Primære forskningsområder

NMR spectroscopy applied to all sorts of structure elucidation and determination of physical chemical properties of small molecules. Structure elucidation of drug metabolites. Structure elucidation of drug metabolites and metabolites thereof. Use of other analytical methods necessary to support these objects.
Hyphenation of NMR with HPLC and CZE in combination with MS. Flow Injection NMR. Optimization of the strategy for obtaining hyphenated NMR data.
Improvement of the processing of timeseries NMR data and chemometric methods applied to quantitative Analytical Chemistry.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

- 1986

Personal Selfdefense
Physical Chemistry, lab. Basic
High School Chemistry
Chemistry for Medical Students

1986 - 1993
Basic analytical chemistry, lab.
Organic Synthesis, lab.
Organic Chemistry, class.
Bioorganic Chemistry, IR, NMR and UV, Lectures
Identification of Organic Compounds, lab.
Bioorganic Chemistry, class.
Advanced Applied Spectroscopy, lect. + class.

1993 -
Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, lab. Until 2003
Quantitative Analytical Chemistry, lab. From 2005
Advanced Analytical Chemistry, to 1998, lect. + class.
Choice and Validation af Analytical Methods, from 1998 lect. + class.(course discontinued as of 2003-01-01)
Advanced Analytical Chemistry Implementation ad Validation of Analytical Methods. (project in analytical chemistry), lect. + lab. Responsible for course. Currently not running.
Bachelor project in Pharmacy 2006
Advanced NMR-spectroscopic Methods in Drug Research. Ph.D. course. 2005-
Physical Chemistry, lab.
Physical Chemistry, lectures
Elementary EDP, class       
Quantitative Analytical Chemistry, Drug Analysis. lectures+lab. From 2005. Course responsible course December 2007 - now

Supervision and Assessment of Ph.D. students

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