Jörg P. Kutter

Jörg P. Kutter


Research experience

Design and development of lab-on-a-chip devices, microfluidics, chemical separation techniques (chromatography, electrophoresis), FIA-based systems, integration of optical detection elements, applications in the life sciences

 Current activities

Basic research and specialized developments in the field of microfabricated lab-on-a-chip systems with emphasis on separation and sample preparation techniques, and advanced micro and nano liquid handling. Solutions for biomedical, pharmaceutical, environmental and industrial applications

Teaching experience

Theoretical and practical courses at Techncial University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen on miniaturized bio/chemical devices and basic analytical chemsitry; several short courses and workshops in Europe and the US; supervision (and co-supervision) of 14 post-doctoral fellows, 20 PhD and 12 master’s theses


Secured several millions of Euros in funding support for national and international (EU) projects; coordinator for a European STREP project (2007-2010) with seven partners and a European IP (2010-2015) with 16 partners; group leader experience


Deputy editor for Electrophoresis; member of the Board of Directors of the Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society; member of technical program committees for the µ-TAS, MEMS, MSB and Transducers conferences; scientific advisor for Institute for Microtechnology, Mainz, Germany; evaluator for national and international funding agencies as well as educational accrediting agencies; referee for several journals; member of PhD committees in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore


90 peer-reviewed articles, over 130 publications including book chapters, proceedings and popular articles; h-index/citations: 30/3117 (Web of Science), 36/4714 (Google Scholar)

Books and Book Chappters (most recent)

J. P. Kutter, Y. Fintschenko (Eds.) ‘Separation Methods in Microanalytical Systems’ CRC Press, Boca Raton, 2006

J. P. Kutter: ’Microchip-based Liquid Chromatography – Techniques and Possibilities’ (book chapter) in: S. Kromidas (Ed.) ‘HPLC Optimization and Troubleshooting’ (Int’l Edition), Wiley-Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2006

Ó. Gústafsson, J. P. Kutter: ‘Chromatography in Microstructures’ (book chapter) in: S. Hardt, F. Schönfeld (Eds.) ‘Microfluidics Technologies for Miniaturized AnalysisSystems’, Springer, Berlin, 2007

 Selected Journal Publications 2009-2014:

S. S. Nielsen, K. N. Toft, D. Snakenborg, M. G. Jeppesen, J. K. Jacobsen, B. Vestergaard, J. P. Kutter and L. Arleth ‘BioXTAS RAW: a software program for high-throughput automated SAXS 2D and 1D data reduction and preliminary analysis’, J. Appl. Cryst., 42, 2009, 1-6

L. Sasso, K. N. Toft, D. Snakenborg and J. P. Kutter ‘Deterministic lateral displacement device for continuous flow separation of nanometer-sized particles’, Am. Biotechn. Lab., 27(19), 2009, 13-15

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N. Godino, D. Snakenborg, J. P. Kutter, J. Emneus, M. F. Hansen, F. X. Munoz, F. J. del Campo ‘Construction and Characterization of a Modular Microfluidic System: Coupling Magnetic Capture and Electrochemical Detection’, Microfluid. Nanofluid., 8, 2010, 393-402

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M. Alberti, D. Snkaenborg, J. M. Lopacinska, M. Dufva, J. P. Kutter 'Impedance spectra of patch-clamp scenarios for single cells immobilized on a lab-on-a-chip' Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 2014, DOI 10.1007/s10404-013-1304-8




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