23. juni 2015

Researcher at the Department of Pharmacy receives the prestigious Sapere Aude Grant


Associate Professor Kasper D. Rand receives the prestigious DFF Starting Grant 2015 with nearly 7 mill. DKK. The grant is awarded as part of the Sapere Aude research career programme.

Being the first researcher to receive this grant at the Department of Pharmacy, Associate Professor Kasper D. Rand is awarded one of the very prestigious Sapere Aude grants by the Danish Council for Independent Research.

The grant amounts 6.974.145 mill. DKK and is allocated to the project "Microscale analytical technology for a better understanding of drug function".

Kasper D. Rand is "PI" and research manager, and the project is conducted in close collaboration with Professor Jörg Kutter’s "Microfluids" group.

Read more at the Danish Council for Independent Research website (in Danish):

Bevillinger fra Det Frie Forskningsråd. Sapere Aude: DFF-Forskningsleder 2015

Portrait of Kasper D. Rand